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Making flames and smoke with libgdx particles editor, part 2

In this part I will explain what was my strategy to add those flames and smoke particles in my map.

If you haven’t, I encourage you to check the Part 1 of this tutorial where I explain how to create the particles.

My approach for this matter was to use Tiled and an object layer containing the particles. I did it this way because the flames were used for a town in fire, so no movement was needed for those particles.

Here is the village we’ll set fire on:

2016-05-12 18_22_40-_level1.tmx - Tiled

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Making flames and smoke with libgdx particles editor, part 1

Hello everyone

In this tutorial I will show you how I added flames in a stage from Gorak’s Wrath.

I need to point the fact that this has been done for a game which resolution is 360×280, so you may need to adjust the different parameters I show you here to fit your needs!

First of all let’s take a look at the final result :


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Libgdx and Tiled: Rendering order, sprites and tiles

There are not a lot of domains in programming that challenge your brains as well as the gaming domain.
While programming a game, you come across a lot of problematics day after day. Even though a lot of those problematics are solved thanks to the Internet, there are some specifics that don’t seem to be answered yet, like this one for example:

In libgdx, how do I render a TiledMap with sprites behind / below specific tiles to give the illusion of “3D”?

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